Southworth Solves Ergonomic Issue for Order Picking

By Michael Patino on 2015-05-12 15:13:23 -

Southworth Products has solved a problem that has plagued distribution warehouses.  The PalletPal Walkie Mobile Leveler eliminates the need to bend below the knee when loading pallets in the order picking process.

PalletPal Walkie by Southworth saves from back injury

Loading pallets can be a wearing task by the end of a shift.  A vast amount of the time, the order picker is loading his pallet below the knee level.  This additional back strain slows down productivity and can easily cause back injuries, which lead to loss of an employee.


The PalletPal Walkie is an automatic spring actuated level loader that works in tandem with your existing powered walkie or rider pallet trucks. The PalletPal Walkie works with all standard electric walkie and walkie/riders.

How To Use It For Order Picking
A worker simply drives the pallet truck into the PalletPal's built in fork channels (flared ends in fork channels make lining up the forks simple). An empty pallet is positioned on the skid resistant platform. The worker does the same job he has always done except, the platform is at a comfortable height which can be loaded easily with no bending or stretching. As more items are added the Walkie's spring compresses to lower the platform while keeping the top level at a comfortable, ergonomic height.

PalletPal Walkie Features:
Automatic Height Adjustment - Spring mechanism responds to load
Requires no electrical power
Platform accommodates all types of pallets and skids including GEO and half pallets
Platform recesses and narrow base pads allows workers to get closer to the load

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PalletPal Walkie Mobile Leveler