The Ideal Anti-Microbial Safety Mat for Staff, Patients, and Residents

By Michael Patino on 2015-01-09 11:37:12 -

NOW...The ideal anti-microbial safety mat for staff, patients, and residents in hospitals and elder care facilities.

The ERGOMAT Super-Safe Ergo is made of virgin EPDM rubber with BIOCERA A as its anti-microbial additive. This mat is available in both blue and green to help eliminate many cross contamination concerns. In addition, it has suction cups on the underside to provide exceptional grip in extremely wet environments. The surface profile of the mat is identical to our Hygiene mat which has been very popular at a number of Kraft facilities around the country.

Super Safe ErgoMat

•       Durable, latex free EPDM rubber with FDA certified anti-microbial additive resists wear and contamination from micro-organisms
•       Textured mat surface improves traction and stimulates circulation to reduce fatigue in prolonged standing applications like an operating room.
•       Multiple suction cups on the bottom of the mat aggressively grip wet, slippery surfaces: ex. showers, bathtubs and tile floors
•       Perfect for avoiding potential slip hazards in other areas where liquids may spill, like kitchens and laundry rooms
•       Beveled on all sides to reduce trip hazards
•       Highly resistant to water, alcohol, acid and alkali

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