Testimonial From a TireBooties User

By Michael Patino on 2014-08-09 14:06:27 -

“Car Prep Inc. (www.carprepinc.com) has been providing film production services to the automotive industry since 1994, becoming the go-to team for automotive film, video, digital and still photography shoots of every type. Their mission is to simplify and streamline the ‘hero’ vehicle preparation process, making it as transparent as possible by eliminating the burden of vehicle coordination between client and agency.


Based in a 25,000 square-foot facility in Fountain Valley (CA), Car Prep offers a wide array of capabilities that include a professional-grade body and paint shop, comprehensive mechanical services, complete auto detailing and photo shoot preparation, an on-site photography studio, a fleet of single and multi-car enclosed transporters and seasoned technicians to support studio and location photo shoot activities.

For the recent 55th Annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles, Car Prep was tasked with setting up client display cars on the Staples Arena Red Carpet arrival area and in the foyer of the L.A. Convention Center for the Grammy After-Party. For both venues, Car Prep would normally be required to wrap the tires in plastic film to prevent damage to carpeted areas during display set-up and tear-down. This year the Car Prep technicians used TireBooties for the first time, which made a huge and immediate difference.  TireBooties were easy to install, fit each tire perfectly and allowed the techs to quickly and cleanly drive the cars in and out of the venue without the hassle of wrapping and unwrapping each tire multiple times.  The technicians were impressed!


Car Prep has also begun using TireBooties in their full-service photo studio, which allows hero cars to drive on and off the freshly-painted whitespace floor without having to use ‘go-jacks’ to move cars into place or leaving tire tread marks that must be cleaned off before the photo shoot can proceed.

TireBooties have streamlined the hero car studio and location set-up process, which pleases film and photo production crews alike, and are now part of the arsenal of specialized tools that help make Car Prep a leader in automotive film production services.”

Bob Macias