Guard Show Floors From Oil Leaks and Grime

By Michael Patino on 2014-08-08 22:41:05 -

TireBooties(r) at the Grammys

Let's take exposition and showroom floor protetcion to the next level. 

TireBootiesTM have been an outstanding way to protectfine floors from scuff and marks from vehicle tire.  No tape, no tools, just one...two...three technology.  Now TireBootiesTM introduces the answer to another floor protection issue.  The RiggDiaper(R) has been developed with ease of installation technology.  Once installed beneath the cars undercarriage, you may be assured that  oil and residue will be contained from sight and probable floor damage.

Easy under chassis installation

Each DiaperRigg(R) comes complete with a Diaper, absorbent pad and mount clamps for bungee cord (provided) attachment.

The easy fit RiggDiaper(R) , once installed is snug to the undercarriage is safe to drive onto the isplay area, without concern for further maintenance  or clean up.

The disposable pads are also sold separately so you are ready for the next job.

All DiaperRiggs as made to order and can be made to fit any model of powered vehicle, including scissor lifts & forklifts Profile RiggDiaper