Sovella FlexFlow Packing Frame

By Michael Patino on 2012-11-20 20:53:28 -

Flex Flow Packing Frame

In the assembly industry, workstations are well planned and designed since they must function as well as possible. MultiLine™ is expressly designed as an accessory for Sovella workspace solutions. Its underlying concept is simple: by connecting workstations to a transfer line you can achieve a more flexible and controllable material flow between workstations without sacrificing characteristics such as usability or ergonomics.

Low investment costs
MultiLine™ Material Flow and Assembly systems are filled with features that will reduce cost, and help you quickly realize your return on investment. One popular feature is the ability to integrate our MultiLine™ track into your current process utilizing your existing work stations, minimizing set up cost. However, if your process calls for a complete new design we can assist you in the design process while utilizing many of our standard module widths and Sovella’s standard accessories. When your process changes, your line can easily be re-configured, minimizing change over cost. We will be there to help support you should this situation ever arise.

Optimized for WIP
The core of WIP logic (work in process) comprises allocating a value to stored items between production phases. Money is wasted when half-ready products or components lie unused e.g. in a trolley used as a buffer. If MultiLine™ is used, only a small quantity of half-finished products lies waiting between production phases.

This problem is amplified if a mistake made in one phase remains unnoticed until a trolley full of defective components is brought to the next phase. With MultiLine™ both the cost per mistake and the number of mistakes are significantly minimized because only a few faulty products can be produced before the mistake is noticed.