TireBooties - Heavy Weight

Item Number: HWT - TireBooties(r) Catalog Image

TireBooties(r) by TireBooties.com have been field tested and proven a more efficient way to protect floors from damage due to tire marks.  No more taping that leaves its adhesive redidue or time consuming wrapping that gets wound up in the axel.  TireBooties(r) are a custom fit alternative that are actually as fast as 1-2-3.  TireBooies(r) are reuseable for many practical purposes. 

TireBooties(r) work well on photo shoots, move on and move off of movie sets and special event platforms.  TireBooties(r) should be considered for trade show and high value flooring areas.  Read more in a related article on this site.


TireBooties(r) can be custome printed with your message or logo for a nominal fee.

TireBooties.com also manufactures protection that prevents fluid leakage and booties that fit on conventional casters.  Please contact Indoff for additional information on TireBooties(r) that will meet your size requirements.

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