Anti-Fatigue Insoles - Standard

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SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue insoles feature a comfortable, energizing and lightweight triple-layer system to help reduce pain and fatigue from standing and walking when you are too mobile to use SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue mats or flooring.

Men shoe size 6-7 (S)  8-11 (M)  12-15 (L)

Women shoe size 5-8 (S)  9-12 (M) 

Pricing breaks at for multiple pair.   

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Super-Safe Ergo

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ERGOMAT Super-Safe Ergo 

The ERGOMAT Super-Safe Ergo anti-microbial mat is designed for
critical environments where liquid on the floor creates the potential
for mats to hydroplane, causing serious injury. The underside of the
mat is equipped with suction cups which grab the floor for added
traction and safety, and the premium rubber withstands a variety of
rigorous cleaning regimens.

Unmatched Safety Features include:
• Molded beveled edges eliminating trip hazards
• Suction cups on the underside of the mat grip smooth,
wet surfaces to eliminate the possibility of hydroplaning.
• Anti-microbial additive inhibits the growth of bacteria
and mold in critical environments.
Highest Quality
• Virgin rubber
• Biocera A anti-microbial agent
• Proven ergonomic profile
The Super-Safe Advantage
• Frequent cleaning, even with caustics, will not affect mat properties.
• Appropriate for almost any working environment except those with oil exposures.
• Silicone and latex free
• Available in blue and green to address cross-contamination concerns


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3-Year Warranty

All Ergomat product lines are conditionally warranted against normal usage* 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The
warranty does not cover damage caused by the mat being dragged or pulled from a heavy load or items being pushed
or dragged across the product, such as skids or pallets. The warranty against chemicals, oils, liquids, or other matter
differs with the type of mat. Please consult your dealer or an Ergomat Rep to select the correct mat for your environment.
The warranty periods starts from the date of purchase. The warranty only covers the replacement of the product, no
direct or indirect costs are covered.
* It is considered normal usage when a person stands or walks on the Ergomat with regular footwear in an environment
where the temperature is under 25º C (77º F) and the humidity is below 80%.

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