Southworth Solves Ergonomic Issue for Order Picking

By Michael Patino on 2015-05-12 15:13:23 -

Southworth Products has solved a problem that has plagued distribution warehouses.  The PalletPal Walkie Mobile Leveler eliminates the need to bend below the knee when loading pallets in the order picking process.

PalletPal Walkie by Southworth saves from back injury

Loading pallets can be a wearing task by the end of a shift.  A vast amount of the time, the order picker is loading his pallet below the knee level.  This additional back strain slows down productivity and can easily cause back injuries, which lead to loss of an employee.


The PalletPal Walkie is an automatic spring actuated level loader that works in tandem with your existing powered walkie or rider pallet trucks. The PalletPal Walkie works with all standard electric walkie and walkie/riders.

How To Use It For Order Picking
A worker simply drives the pallet truck into the PalletPal's built in fork channels (flared ends in fork channels make lining up the forks simple). An empty pallet is positioned on the skid resistant platform. The worker does the same job he has always done except, the platform is at a comfortable height which can be loaded easily with no bending or stretching. As more items are added the Walkie's spring compresses to lower the platform while keeping the top level at a comfortable, ergonomic height.

PalletPal Walkie Features:
Automatic Height Adjustment - Spring mechanism responds to load
Requires no electrical power
Platform accommodates all types of pallets and skids including GEO and half pallets
Platform recesses and narrow base pads allows workers to get closer to the load

For pricing and additional specifications see

PalletPal Walkie Mobile Leveler

Your Personal Data and the Internet

By Michael Patino on 2015-03-24 13:22:53 -

Security, the Nemesis to Convenience

Losing not just data also dollars


by Shawn Faulkingham on 2015-03-17 14:06:59

Security, security, security. That’s what everyone is talking about nowadays in the world of Information Technology. Why has this become the biggest topic of the year so far? Faltering trust and faith in corporations and government. There may have been a time when we trusted companies, vendors and individuals not to do bad things. We thought Microsoft delivered secure operating systems because they said so, or Cisco delivered secure routing systems because they said so. Not anymore. As you grow and expose your digital footprint to the Internet, there are many individuals (good and bad) out there interested in who you are and what you have. Would you take a photo album with your personal information in it to the library and hope that no one checks it out? That is what we are doing when we put “stuff” out on the internet. Email, photo’s, documents and even data just traversing the Internet could be a target for someone wanting to find out more about you. If you want these items secure, so that others cannot intercept it, you can’t just use simple passwords anymore. If there is one thing that computers are good at and that is doing a lot of repetitive stuff over and over again. Hackers are using computers and clusters of computers to hack passwords. Easy stuff. I have programs that can “hack” users passwords to their PC’s, documents and PDF’s. The longer the password and the more special characters I use, the longer it takes my computer to crack it. But it will.

Now most companies offer 2-step or 2-factor authentication. This is where you have a password and then another form of identification; could be a device that creates a number, pictures with sounds, or one-time application specific password. Your email supports 2-step verification and it is easy to use and easy to setup. Just give us a call to help set up your devices.

Setting up a secondary form of authentication is a great first step, but it is not all you can or should do. In a world where allegations of the NSA and other government entities spying on you through various means, backdoors being created in software for access to information, cipher cracking through backdoors, you need to do more to protect yourself. I firmly believe we all have a right to privacy; modern day technologies have made it far easier for other entities to invade your privacy. There are many ways you can significantly reduce your “digital surface” that is exposed to these types of invasions of privacy. I will be discussing these techniques in my next blog post.

Here is one tidbit for you iPhone users: Apple encrypts your iPhone automatically in the case that someone steals it and tries to get access to it. The strength of the cipher used to encrypt your phone is in the passcode. 4 digit passcodes are easy to crack and their cipher is easy to crack. Use 8 numbers, or use a password with characters in it; it makes it much more difficult to crack. Keep texting to a minimum with non-important information. Don’t use location services on your smartphone. Use apps from trusted sources only and check their terms of service and privacy policies. I know, most of us just click the accept button, but for folks who did that with an application called ZocDoc, they pretty much allowed them to sell, transfer and use your personal information with anyone, including SSN’s, addresses, your name, etc. All the info needed to steal someone's identity. Even if you delete your account with them, they still retain the right to hold your information indefinitely and on servers outside the U.S.! Pretty scary! And the recent Anthem BCBS hack should have you concerned as well. The State of Missouri has now become #3 in fraudulently filed tax returns. It was in the 40’s before the Anthem hack. And of course you are the one that has to jump through hoops to prove your identity.

I could write pages and pages about security (and I will, just not with this article) and how important it is to take the time to manage it. This post is really to create more awareness about security and how it relates to you and your “digital surface” or “digital footprint” that you have on the Internet. My next article (in just a couple of weeks) will be about best practices when it come to digital related security!


Shawn Faulkingham


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Visiontron Made in the USA

By Michael Patino on 2015-02-24 17:37:23 -

Visiontron made in the USA

Celebrating 50 Years

You can find our products all over the world, if you know where to look for them. The security line outside a concert, in a warehouse where a forklift is loading pallets, waiting in line at Disney. During our 50 years here on Long Island, NY, we've grown into the manufacturer that's trusted by companies both large and small to safely guide crowds of all sizes.

We built up our reputation through consistently providing customers with quality products, excellent customer service and reliable delivery. We triple check orders. We get them there on time.

By specializing in addressing our customers' real-world needs, we're able to provide the best solution for a safe, controlled environment.


Visiontron's products are all over the world

Our signature product line is our Retracta-Belt® stanchions, which you'll see all over the world in airports, casinos, hotels, museums, hospitals, theme parks, stadiums, Fortune 500 companies, Wal-Mart, Verizon stores, Macy's, Dunkin Donuts, Best Buy and anywhere else people gather.

But we're much more than just posts. We manufacture a wide variety of other stanchions, wall mounts, traditional post and ropes, safety barriers, luggage sizers, floor mats, information boards, signs and sign holders, gateboards, and much more. 

Visiontron Made in USA

By Michael Patino on 2015-02-24 17:23:10 -

Retracta-Banner by Visiontron

Made in the USA

Add high-impact signage to existing safety queue posts

Portable Safety Barrier

The Retracta-Banner quickly adds large, changeable graphics to queue posts, and retracts for easy storage and transportation. Graphics are simple to change for temporary signage and warning messages. Let us print your single or double sided banner, or just buy the Retracta-Banner unit and print your own! 

Quick, Easy Sign Display

Universal Attachment: to every major stanchion brand, no adapters required

Retracts Easily: to a 6" dia. tube

Easy Assembly: no tools required

Includes Collars: for secure connection to posts

Click here to learn more about the Retracta-Banner 

Find out more about Visiontron

Contact Indoff for ordering information on this great new product Contact Indoff

Verte Chair by RFM

By Michael Patino on 2015-01-27 14:33:54 -


This is state-of-the-art ergonomics in seating.

A series of 11 torsion spring-loaded bearing joints conform to your exact spine impression, then lock into place for one-of-a-kind fit, just for you.

Rotate the neck rest to support your neck and head, relieving strain.

Slide the seat pan forward and back to set the chair’s depth to fit you perfectly.

With the full grain leather seat, padded two-way adjustable neck rest, and adjustable and removable padded T-arms, you’ll be so comfortable that won’t want to get up.

Three levers control the chair’s overall height and tilt.


Seat measures 21”w x 19.5”d.

Back measures 19.5”w x 30”h.

Height range 18”-21”h.

Special Notes

Meets CAL 117 & BIFM F-1-1978 Flammability codes.

Applications work best for medium and large framed people

Supports 300 lbs.

Part #: 904BK

The Ideal Anti-Microbial Safety Mat for Staff, Patients, and Residents

By Michael Patino on 2015-01-09 11:37:12 -

NOW...The ideal anti-microbial safety mat for staff, patients, and residents in hospitals and elder care facilities.

The ERGOMAT Super-Safe Ergo is made of virgin EPDM rubber with BIOCERA A as its anti-microbial additive. This mat is available in both blue and green to help eliminate many cross contamination concerns. In addition, it has suction cups on the underside to provide exceptional grip in extremely wet environments. The surface profile of the mat is identical to our Hygiene mat which has been very popular at a number of Kraft facilities around the country.

Super Safe ErgoMat

•       Durable, latex free EPDM rubber with FDA certified anti-microbial additive resists wear and contamination from micro-organisms
•       Textured mat surface improves traction and stimulates circulation to reduce fatigue in prolonged standing applications like an operating room.
•       Multiple suction cups on the bottom of the mat aggressively grip wet, slippery surfaces: ex. showers, bathtubs and tile floors
•       Perfect for avoiding potential slip hazards in other areas where liquids may spill, like kitchens and laundry rooms
•       Beveled on all sides to reduce trip hazards
•       Highly resistant to water, alcohol, acid and alkali

Please contact Indoff for additional information and pricing.


By Michael Patino on 2014-10-24 15:28:17 -

Are you ready for the fourth quarter. Plan now. Realistically, there are only seven productive weeks left in this calendar year. Take a look at maintenance issues and what you will be doing to be ready for 2015. 

As you forecast the goals and objectives of the coming year, consider how Indoff can assist you in reaching the goal. Not sure how. Give Indoff a call.

Assembly work area cell

Testimonial From a TireBooties User

By Michael Patino on 2014-08-09 14:06:27 -

“Car Prep Inc. ( has been providing film production services to the automotive industry since 1994, becoming the go-to team for automotive film, video, digital and still photography shoots of every type. Their mission is to simplify and streamline the ‘hero’ vehicle preparation process, making it as transparent as possible by eliminating the burden of vehicle coordination between client and agency.

Based in a 25,000 square-foot facility in Fountain Valley (CA), Car Prep offers a wide array of capabilities that include a professional-grade body and paint shop, comprehensive mechanical services, complete auto detailing and photo shoot preparation, an on-site photography studio, a fleet of single and multi-car enclosed transporters and seasoned technicians to support studio and location photo shoot activities.

For the recent 55th Annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles, Car Prep was tasked with setting up client display cars on the Staples Arena Red Carpet arrival area and in the foyer of the L.A. Convention Center for the Grammy After-Party. For both venues, Car Prep would normally be required to wrap the tires in plastic film to prevent damage to carpeted areas during display set-up and tear-down. This year the Car Prep technicians used TireBooties for the first time, which made a huge and immediate difference.  TireBooties were easy to install, fit each tire perfectly and allowed the techs to quickly and cleanly drive the cars in and out of the venue without the hassle of wrapping and unwrapping each tire multiple times.  The technicians were impressed!

Car Prep has also begun using TireBooties in their full-service photo studio, which allows hero cars to drive on and off the freshly-painted whitespace floor without having to use ‘go-jacks’ to move cars into place or leaving tire tread marks that must be cleaned off before the photo shoot can proceed.

TireBooties have streamlined the hero car studio and location set-up process, which pleases film and photo production crews alike, and are now part of the arsenal of specialized tools that help make Car Prep a leader in automotive film production services.”

Bob Macias



Guard Show Floors From Oil Leaks and Grime

By Michael Patino on 2014-08-08 22:41:05 -

TireBooties(r) at the Grammys

Let's take exposition and showroom floor protetcion to the next level. 

TireBootiesTM have been an outstanding way to protectfine floors from scuff and marks from vehicle tire.  No tape, no tools, just one...two...three technology.  Now TireBootiesTM introduces the answer to another floor protection issue.  The RiggDiaper(R) has been developed with ease of installation technology.  Once installed beneath the cars undercarriage, you may be assured that  oil and residue will be contained from sight and probable floor damage.

Easy under chassis installation

Each DiaperRigg(R) comes complete with a Diaper, absorbent pad and mount clamps for bungee cord (provided) attachment.

The easy fit RiggDiaper(R) , once installed is snug to the undercarriage is safe to drive onto the isplay area, without concern for further maintenance  or clean up.

The disposable pads are also sold separately so you are ready for the next job.

All DiaperRiggs as made to order and can be made to fit any model of powered vehicle, including scissor lifts & forklifts Profile RiggDiaper